The history of Auto racing competitions

The world that we live in today is the perfect example of a race. There is a constant against time that we all are a part of and the final goal for each one of us is the zenith of success. However, this strife to succeed and be on the top of the world takes away from most of our lives the very basic essence of it. Living for the fun of it, is something that most of us do not do today. Pushed by a reason, all of us play it quite safe and forget to enjoy the little moments that we get every day. In a situation like this it is very natural to be bored and therefore, we do seek for avenues where we can go a little adventurous and out of the box.

There are indeed several ways to wade off our boredom and sports such as auto racing are one of the most sought after ones due to the high level of thrill involved with them. Be it playing them ourselves or by being a passive viewer, there is no second thoughts about the fact that motor racing or auto racing whatever you name them are really popular and hence a look out into their past to lay the connecting links between the first forms to it to the present day giants, makes an interesting follow up. Therefore, read along to know how your favorite formula 1 races looked like a decade or more back.

Before we begin this trip done the pages of history, it is very essential to discuss that in this sport that demands a high level of adrenalin and giants in the name of technology, it is very important to ensure complete safety of the individuals. Be it wearing high standard protective gear such as helmets, shin and leg guards etc. or testing of the brakes and tire grip, these security and protection checks make the game not only highly enjoyable but also safe.

Next up, let us shift our discussion to the history of the sport. Just like the game itself, the study and analysis of the trade makes an equally interesting follow up. Although the modern form that we see today is highly developed and awe inspiring, it is very interesting to note that the first races took place way back in time almost parallel to the developments in the field of automobile engineering.

Car racing or auto racing as we see it today has a long history and started in 1887 in a two kilometer motor race between Neuilly Bridge to the Bois de Boulogne. The trail soon accelerated with the advent of superior technologies and the ever increasing craving for speed. The formula 1 races that all auto racing fans literally drool over probably began back in the 1920s and the machines were very much similar to the ones used in the endurance based races. Throughout the years in history, the parallel events such as the world wars had a profound impact on these races.

Motor Sports Betting

For auto racing enthusiasts, sports betting on the internet is simple. Motor sports betting is available for NASCAR as well as Formula 1and INDY Car. In addition to betting on actual races, you can bet on different championship series within the particular racing circuits. For example, with NASCAR a motor sports bettor has the option of betting on a single race, such as the upcoming Pep Boys 500 in Atlanta on September 6, or they can place a bet on who will win the chase for the Sprint Cup.

NASCAR Motor Sports Betting

As part of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, the upcoming Pep Boys 500 is set to take place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on September 6, though this start date is subject to weather. Many motor sports betting websites will even allow you to bet on whether this race starts and finishes on the date it is scheduled.

In addition to betting for or against the weather holding, you can bet on who will win the Pep Boys 500 through your favorite motor sports betting website. Some of the favorites going into this race are Jimmy Johnson at 5 to 1, as well as Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin, and Kyle Busch – all at 7 to 1. Additionally, getting single digit odds is Tony Stewart getting 8 to 1 to win the Pep Boys 500.

Should you not wish to bet on the actual winner of the Pep Boys 500, you can bet on your favorite racer to finish in the top three, as most motor sports betting sites allow you the option to place such a bet. While a racer such as Brian Vickers is 14 to 1 to win, he pay 4 to 1 to finish in the top three of the Pep Boys 500. Such bets are more conservative in nature and pay out less than betting on a racer to win.

In addition to betting on a single race, nascar bettors can bet on who will win the Chase for the Sprint Cup. The points leader, Tony Stewart pays 2 to 1 to win the chase. He is currently the Sprint Cup Chase points leader. Getting 2 to 1 on someone who is already off to a head start is a great bet. It should be noted though that the chase points are reset in a few weeks, but Stewart has shown he has what it takes this season. Other chase contenders are Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin, getting 5 and 6 to one odds respectively.

EPL on the road to bankruptcy

Federated Sports & Gambling has filed for rehabilitation bankruptcy. The company is a parent company of the well known Epic Poker League. News such as this has become quite common for the poker industry with much company’s facing problems. Despite bankruptcy having been filed for, solace can be taken in the fact that rehabilitation bankruptcy was filed for instead of liquidation bankruptcy. When a company is doing extremely poor and has the possibility of being shut down, the latter of the two is filed for. It is in liquidation bankruptcy that a company’s assets are sold so that creditors can be paid off. In rehabilitation bankruptcy however, the company is given a chance to reorganize their debts and no debt is forgiven. By doing so, the company can pay back creditors with the money they earn in the future rather than having to sell off their personal assets.

It can be said without a doubt that the company requires a new start which is possible with the help of rehabilitation bankruptcy. By reorganizing their assets, EPL will be able to keep their major initiatives namely, Global Poker Index, Heartland Poker Tour and their game on Facebook progressing with motivation and determination. EPL claims that they can do this by forming an agreement with another company with whom they share a similar vision, something which they had been procrastinating over prior to filing for rehabilitation bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy clearly suggests bad prospects for Epic Poker League however there is no evidence to suggest that EPL is completely finished. On the downside however, EPL would have to get themselves an investor who would be willing to invest an amount of $1.4 million for their next event.

A similar company called Full Tilt Poker experienced financial problems recently as well which caused it to be unable to pay winners of their charity poker tournament due to the effects of Black Friday. Epic Poker League however is not going through the same events as some individuals perceive. Nor are they withholding funds and nor did they take money from players to pay for their own expenses.

Rather, the players who took part in the first three events held by EPL were treated with all their expenses paid and many benefited with $400,000 being added to the prize money for each of the events. EPL also provided free stay and paid for air time them. It has been stated that when the company filed for bankruptcy, they had $15,000 in hand. At the same time they were owed $115,000 whereas the amount of money they owed to 2 of their creditors namely ‘All in Production LLP’ and ‘Pinnacle Entertainment Inc’ was approximately 2 million dollars each. Considering the accuracy of these amounts, EPL was more than $3.8 million in debt. Many say that the end of the company was inevitable because it is impossible to spend money on such a scale and expect sustainability at the same time.

EPL, similar to other businesses started out with good intentions however along the way, it has had to face serious problems due to wrong business decisions.

Your guide to auto racing competitions worldwide

One such great way of unleashing the power within us is by auto racing. Be it a passive viewer or a player of the game for that matter, it is univocally one of the most awe inspiring of motor racing games today. Read along to unlock some of the best and most sought after auto racing competitions that adventure seekers all over the world swear by.
One good way of studying these competitions is by talking about the various different kinds of auto racing. From the ever so popular formula 1 car racing to go karting, the list of these races is ideally endless and is an interesting follow up.

First and foremost, formula 1 racing is one of the most popular ones today and is univocally the fastest among the lot. Superior technology and state of the art machines make this one of the most sought after and viewed races today.

This brings us to our first kind of auto racing competition, the formula 1 or F1 racing as they are popularly called.

Another very important race is the touring car racing that is a more commercial form of F1 races with cars designs more familiar with the commercial vessels. Australia and Britain are two of the most important locations for these touring car races.

Next up in these lists are the different sports car races and involve the use of sports car specially designed for high performance. These are some of the most loved and admired cars for their sleek and close to the ground design that car lovers all over the world literally drool over. The races the commonly called GTs and the European and Japanese Super GTs are two of the most popular of the races.

One of the less known but highly exciting races is the shock room stock racing or Production racing is a less expensive version of the touring car races. There is a substantial reduction in the costing and the cars are tailor made for the purpose. The Japanese super Taikyu series of cars is one of the most celebrated designs for the shock room races played in USA today.

Not just sleek and uptown designs, as the general trend for sports are, the ones used for Rallying races are hardy and heavy packed cars. Rallying is another very popular form of car racing today and unlike the other races, rallying is done on public roads or even off road terrain such as cross country races etc. since, the races are on varied grounds, the tires and the braking systems need to perfect for facilitating a smooth experience.

Now, let u come to one of the most interesting and publically executed forms of auto car racing. The kart races or go karting as they are commonly called are one of the more commercialized forms of it. Done on closed circuits, the cars involved in a karting race are not similar to the others. These are very popular among young and old alike and there are karting circuits found in most cities all over the world.

New Qualifying Rules Pronounced for WSOP National Contest

In an obvious attempt to jazz up the occasion, World Series of Poker (WSOP) revealed on Monday that a hundred additional players, including several professional players from, will be taking part in this year’s WSOP National Competition. In 2011, only a hundred players were qualified, this year as many as two hundred will vie for a part of the one million dollars prize fund.

Like in 2011, a hundred players will meet the entry requirements based on how they performed during the last WSOP circuit season. Thirty-four automatic qualifiers will emerge: 17 casino champions and 17 WSOP circuit Major Event winners. The remaining sixty six places will be given to players who garner the highest points on WSOP Circuit throughout the whole season. These ‘one hundred’ players will be given the opportunity to play free of charge in the one million dollars guaranteed prize fund WSOP National Competition, which will kick off 6th of July.

While the concept of recompensing the finest players of WSOP Circuit with a rewarding free roll which is as well a genuine WSOP bracelet occasion is a good one, the competition organized last year attracted little attention from poker players. It seems like they are trying to resolve the situation by including big name players, players that do not feature regularly in the lesser buy-in Circuit occasions. Therefore, the best one hundred points earners during the WSOP of 2010, WSOP Europe of 2010, WSOP 2011 as well as WSOP Europe of 2011, will qualify to take part in this year’s WSOP National Competition. However, these players will still have to pay an entry fee of ten thousand dollars. This amount will be added to the one million dollars already, within the prize fund.

In a statement made available to the press, Ty Stewart WSOP Executive Director declared that he was proud of the new format. He stated, “This is the very first time, we will be taking the very best from all the events organized by us, to compete against each other, to determine a genuine WSOP National Champ.”
The top ten eligible players from the last 2 years of WSOP Europe and WSOP are Frank Kassela, David Baker, John Racener, Jonathan Duhamel, Chris Moorman, John Juanda, Phil Hellmuth, Shawn Buchanan, Ben Lamb and Michael Mizrachi. The other members of the top one hundred is filled with popular names such as Sammy Farha, Gavin Smith, Tom Dwan, Martin Staszko 2011 WSOP Major Event second best, Men Nguyen, Jason Mercier, Pious Heinz 2011 WSOP Major Event Champ, Bertrand Grospelier, Eugene Katchalov, and many more.

In 2011, ninety seven of the one hundred eligible players of the WSOP Circuit took part in the National contest. Sam Barnhart won that event and that earned him his first ever WSOP gold bracelet and first ever WSOP money. Barnhart won a total of $300,000, a good way to start winning cash in the competition. Then he quickly became a popular face on ESPN telecasts. He made an extremely deep run within the Major Event before finally giving up in seventeenth place. That conclusion improved his National Championship money by nearly eighty thousand dollars.

Be the master of your trait with these great auto racing tips

Before we get on with these simple to follow tips that can increase your chances of winning on the tracks, it is ideal to discuss in brief about the basics of the game and most importantly something about the various safety measures required in the sport.
To start with, it is important to note that although the form of auto or car racing that we see today is quite enhanced in terms of the machines and safety measures used, the first car racing evolved almost immediately after the successful construction and running of the first cars! From the 1800s to the present millennium, it has been only an uphill journey for the sport and is one of the most popular and viewed sports today.

Next up, it is essential to discuss that safety of the players is one of the most important aspects of the sport of auto racing. Millions of dollars are spent on just this step and if done carelessly can be a fatal blow for both the drivers and the in studio audience. Owning to the huge speed involved, it becomes important to have a good knowledge of the braking systems in the vehicle and aim to perfect the quality of the tires for maximum grip. Besides these, it is really important to avoid any physical injury to the driver and hence the best shock absorbing suits and helmets and other protective gear are provided to them.

After we have discussed about these basics, let us no talk about the tips and tricks that can make you a pro instantly. first and foremost, it is important to note that besides the skill required for the driving, it is also important for players to have a good knowledge about various physical phenomena such as gravitation, the force that act in a circular path or centrifugal force as it is called, suction and the concept of friction and gears. These are very important from the point of view that an in depth knowledge of these makes the understanding of the various protective measures and tips and tricks very easy.

To begin with, one of the most important tips that most successful auto racers use worldwide are the basics to a smooth driving and involve lessons on handling the steering in a very stable position. Maintaining your composure and steering wheel position is very crucial for the overall integrity of your car because, at the speeds that this sport demands it becomes very easy to trickle off or derail.

Braking in the correct time and in the correct way is another essential thing that you need to asset very well if you wish to make it big in the sport. Go for a regular inspection of the braking system and the condition of the tires so that any manhandling is removed at the right time.

Last but never the least, it is very essential to wear all your protective gear well, missing out on any of these is simply not the option as safety is your first priority.

NASCAR Chase Explained

The Chase for the Sprint Cup in NASCAR is similar in nature to playoffs in other popular sports, The Sprint Cup chase encompasses the final ten races of the NASCAR season, where the points are reset to reflect ten points for each race won during the regular racing season in addition to a standard 5000 points. This method of scoring rewards winners of races, but makes the final races of the NASCAR betting season compelling and exciting from a spectator’s point of view.

The top twelve racers qualify for the Sprint Cup Chase just before the final ten races. This format puts importance on the beginning of the season, as one must perform well, just as they must if in the NFL or NBA. The chase plays through with the top twelve “regular season” drivers; however, the race still displays an entire field of drivers. Each driver outside the top twelve in standings compete in their own competition, which rewards a top prize of $1 million to the driver finishing in thirteenth place in the NASCAR point standings.

While each NASCAR race throughout the season is important, the Chase for the Sprint Cup commands additional attention from media and spectators alike. Sponsors covet the opportunity to have their sponsored drivers and teams in the chase for obvious reasons. Corporations love increased exposure. Additionally, drivers, teams, sponsors, and fans love the bragging rights the chase brings.

Racers Lined up for this Year’s Chase

Currently, there are six races to go until the Chase for the Sprint Cup begins. Tony Stewart sits atop the leaderboard with 3188 points. Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon trail by 197 and 199 points respectively. Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards and Kasey Kahne make the middle of the pack, while Ryan Newman, Mark Martin, Matt Kenseth and Greg Biffle are the bottom of the pack of those who qualify for the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

Sitting near the bubble are drivers Kyle Bush, who is 101 points away from the twelfth and final spot in the chase. Brian Vickers, Clint Bowyer, and David Reutimann each sit just behind Busch while vying for a spot in the chase for the Sprint Cup.

While it is still anyone’s chase Tony Stewart, Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon have been running away with the show during the main season of the NASCAR odds year. Over 250 nascar odds points separate Gordon from Busch, while Stewart leads by 197 points, despite Jimmy Johnson holding one more win than Stewart. Regardless of the lead now, we are just a few races away from the points being reset – and away we go on the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

How to Manage an Efficient Poker Inventory System for Your Store

Having a good inventory system is crucial for any craft store. The main reason behind having an inventory system is not only to run things more efficiently but also to minimize the chances and risks of theft especially employee theft. The size of your craft store will determine the type of inventory management system that you will need. You might just need a very basic and simple inventory system or you might need a more advanced and complex one. For small stores it is usually enough to just take your inventory at the end of each year. However for larger stores it becomes necessary to take inventory after every six or three months.

To begin the process you should first decide on the type of inventory management system you would like to use. You can choose to simply purchase readymade inventory management software or hire any independent contractor to make software specifically for your store. On the other hand you can even choose to take inventory on your own by simply counting. This option would only be feasible if you have a very small sized craft store. Once you get your hands on your inventory software you will need to get the machines to run it. You will surely need computer systems for running the software and if you can install it on your own that’s good otherwise you can ask the software house to have the softwares installed for you.

If you have a medium to large size craft store you should consider having a bar code system to keep your inventory up – to – date at all times. This will really help you in becoming more efficient in your system. It will also help you in counting your inventory. You will basically have a receiving manager or a scanning system that will record all the new items that are coming into your store. Then your cash register will automatically deduct all the items when they are sold out so you can keep track of which items in your inventory are low and need to be restocked. This will make it a lot easier for you to manage your total inventory in a timely manner to make sure you are never overstocked or under stocked.

If you are not willing to go through all this process you can even outsource a service provider that can do this for you. These days there are plenty of professional inventory companies that offer this service of conducting your inventory for you. You assign them with a fixed budget and they work within it with their expert skills to make sure you get a top notch inventory system that fits your budget and your needs well. This helps you to get a tailored service according to the specific needs of your business. It also speeds up all the work for you as you do not have to waste any time and energy on learning and doing the process on your own. It will also avoid any mistakes from happening.

The Origins of Poker

The exact origin of poker is not known. However, there are a number of beliefs based on the origin of poker. The most popular belief is that poker originated from the Chinese. They say it originated from china at around the year 900 A.D. and that it was derived from Chinese dominoes. Other historical beliefs say that poker originated from the French. Frenchmen who settled in Louisiana at around 1480 played the card game called Poque, which is believed to have been similar to poker. Like poker, it involves bluffing and betting. Historians believe that it is in this game that the deck that included spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts was first used.

Other historical studies show that remnants of card playing have been traced to Egypt. It’s been said that poker begun in Egypt between the 12th and 13th century. It is also believed that Poker originated from an Indian card game called Ganjifa. Another historical story on the origin of poker is that it originated from a Persian game called Nas in the 17th century. Nas was a 5 player game. It required a deck of cards that was specialized. There had to be 25 cards with 5 suits. A German game called pochspiel is another alluded origin of poker. Like poker, this card game had bluffing. The players indicated that they wanted to open the game or pass a card by rubbing a card on the table then saying the words, “Ich Poche”

In the modern world, the earliest written poker reference was done in 1834 by Jonathan H. Green. He describes rules alluding to a cheating game which was played on the Mississippi riverboats then. People recognized that his writing was the first reference to such a card game and since the American Hoyle did not use it, he chose to call the game Poker. Green’s rules indicated that the game of poker is to be played using 20 cards. Q’s, K’s, A’s, and 10”s were used in that deck of cards. 2 to 4 people played that game and 5 cards were dealt to each person. After green’s reference, poker became the number one cheating game played on the Mississippi riverboats. There was already another three card game called Monte at that time but poker was preferred as it was a 20 card game and it seemed more legitimate.

One if the most interesting stories that is told to back up this modern origin of poker is based in Mississippi. In 1982, four men were playing the game on a steamboat, three of them were sharks and one of them who was from Natchez, did not know how to play. The three professionals rigged the game so that the man from Natchez lost. When he lost all the money he had, he wanted to commit suicide but he was stopped by a man named James Bowit. James then went and played poker with those three sharks and he got the cash back for the man from Natchez.

NASCAR: Upcoming race

NASCAR betting online and the Spring Cup series sponsored by FullTiltPoker keep heating up and we race through the heart of the season. The standings are currently shaking out more or less as expected with a few exceptions here and there. Let’s take a look at the next race, and using a blueprint of the odds from the last few races, see what the individual payoffs might be and who’s worth laying some money down on.

So this Sunday we get the CarFax 400 at the Michigan International Speedway at 2 p.m. Eastern. This is a 2-mile track in an oval, D-shape. The track requires a lot from the engines, but offers the space needed for aggressive passing, making it one of the favorites on the circuit, especially for drivers like Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch.

So is this the racy Tony picks up his third win? Could be, and he’ll likely be the favorite with around a nascar lines of 4:1 payoff according to the latest lines at poker online websites.. If there were one driver I would be straight up, even with those small odds, it would be Stewart on this race. The aggressive tone of the race should be perfect for him. He’s well worth taking the chance on a sub-$500 bet. If you’re not betting that heavy, I’d break it up and put some on Stewart straight and then take him in a few heads up bets against other drivers. A higher-risk against those who share the top of the standings with him like Jeff Gordon (probably around 6:1 payoff individually) and Jimmie Johnson is also worth it for the return.

I don’t like Jeff Gordon in these types of races, although he’s proven my hunches wrong before. But let’s also talk about Johnson. In last week’s race he was a 20:1 payoff and not even in the top 10 in the futures. He has one more win than the one guy ahead of him in the standings, and has been driving fine, so why the lack of respect? Good question, but I don’t expect it to improve all that much for this pokerstars race, either, which means he could be a steal of a straight bet if the odds are up there again. You can always test the waters with a small $50 token bet that would land you a cool $1G if it pays off.

Nobody else worth taking straight up here in my opinion, but if you like Busch, he’ll probably be about a 15:1 payoff and you could do worse.